Massages Make A Great Gift Any Time Of The Year!

Body Works By Don Worley offers gift certificates for three different massage lengths.

Gift certificates are valid for any type of massage that Don offers.

Buy now and book the appointment later!

Click Here to Purchase One
of These Gift Massages

60 Minute Massage for $60

90 Minute Massage for $90

120 Minute Massage for $120

How Does It Work?

  • First, decide on the length of the gift massage you would like to buy.
    • We have 60 minute, 90 minute, and 120 minute gift massages available.
  • Click on the length of gift massage that you would like to purchase above. After clicking on the gift massage length will be taken to our special offer page.
  • On this offer page, click the Buy Now button to purchase.
  • On the purchasing page, fill out the payment information with your credit card details.
    • IMPORTANT: On the purchasing page, you will have the option to check a box near the top of the page stating 'Give this as a gift.' If you check this box you will be able to enter the gift recipients name, email address, and a personal message. Checking this box is optional. If you check this box and enter the recipients email address, they WILL receive an email describing your gift to them along with instructions on how to book an appointment.
    • If you do not want the gift recipient to receive this email, do not check this box. The email will be sent immediately and may ruin a surprise!
  • When you are finished filing out the information on the purchasing page, click on the Pay Now button to complete the transaction.
  • Your gift purchase will contain a unique Offer ID code.  This Offer ID code will be used as payment at the time of the massage.

Congratulations, you have successfully purchased a gift massage!

  • What happens next?
    • After clicking the Pay Now button you will be taken to a confirmation page. On this page, you will have the option to print out a copy of the transaction if you would like.
    • You will receive an email confirming your gift massage purchase. This email will also contain a link to schedule the massage. 
    • If you filled out the gift recipients information on the purchasing page - the gift recipient will also immediately receive an email telling them about the wonderful gift you purchased for them along with instructions and a link to book their appointment.


  • Do I get an actual gift certificate to give to someone?
    • If you would like to have a physical gift certificate to hand to someone, please contact Don at 916-461-3337. He has gift certificates that can be filled out and fit nicely in an envelope.
    • You may print out your transaction confirmation or confirmation email and give that your gift recipient.
    • Forwarding your confirmation email to your gift recipient is also an option.
    • The important piece of information that your gift recipient will need in order to redeem their gift massage is the unique Offer ID code that is generated at the time of purchase. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

What type of massage is the gift massage redeemable for?
Gift massages can be redeemed for any type of massage that Don offers. The gift recipient gets to choose!

Are there restrictions on when the gift massage appointment can be made?
No! The gift massage appointment can be booked during any of the normal times that Don is open. There are no black-out times.

Can I purchase a gift massage without specifying who I am giving it to?
Certainly. You do not need to fill in the gift recipients information when purchasing the gift massage. That information is optional at the time of purchase.

Why would I want to include the Gift Recipient's information at the time of purchase?
Filling in the gift recipient's information at the time of purchase is a handy option if you would like the giftee to receive an email about your gift. This email is sent immediately after the purchase. It tells the gift recipient about your gift and has instructions on how they can schedule an appointment. There is also an option to include a personal message from you to the recipient. This email will include a unique code that the gift recipient will need to supply Don at the massage for payment.

What does my gift recipient need to give Don at the massage for 'payment'?
Each gift massage purchased has a unique Offer ID code attached to it. This code must be supplied to Don at the massage appointment. The unique code serves as payment for the massage in lieu of cash or credit card.

Do I get an actual 'Gift Certificate' to physically give someone as a gift?
It depends - and is completely up to you. If you would like to complete the whole transaction digitally, then no, you will not receive a physical gift certificate to hand to someone. What you can do is either print out or forward them your purchase confirmation email so they will have the unique code. You also have the option when purchasing to include the gift recipients name and email address. If you include this information, they will automatically receive an email with the unique code along with a personal message from you.

If you would like to have a physical gift certificate to give to someone, Don can supply you with one. Please purchase the gift massage online as described - but do not include the gift recipients information. After you have purchased the gift, contact Don at 916-461-3337 to arrange to pick up the certificate at the office. On this certificate, you can write the recipients name and the unique code.

Is there a limit on how many gift massages I can purchase?
No! You can purchase as many as you would like.

How does the gift recipient schedule their massage appointment?
The gift recipient schedules their appointment through this website using the Book Now button in the same way as they would if they were scheduling a normal appointment. There are no additional or special steps that are needed to book a gift massage. As with normal scheduling procedure, the gift recipient will need to use a credit card to secure the appointment time. The credit card will not be used for payment purposes - it is only needed to hold the scheduled appointment time. The unique code generated at the time of the gift purchase will be used as 'payment' for the massage. In the case of a last minute appointment cancellation, the credit card supplied by the gift recipient may be charged per our standard cancellation policy.

Please call 916-461-3337 if you have any other questions!